Teen Driver Education Classroom

Driver Education (classroom phase) will occur at our classroom (Gaskins Place, 1127 Gaskins Road, Richmond, VA 23238.)  All classes will be strictly virtual through the end of May 2022. The current classroom schedule can be viewed by clicking the button below.  Each class will fulfill the DMV requirements of 36 class periods.  This course also re-certifies students who failed the DMV knowledge exam 3 times.

The course is REQUIRED for all students <18 and optional for students 18+.  Please see our Adult 18+ Drivers License page for more information for 18+ students.  Course content will include the Virginia Department of Education certified 10-module Drivers Education curriculum.  This curriculum includes 22 required Standards of Learning (SOL) topics.  Course content will be delivered via PowerPoint slides, worksheets, and homework.  Supplementary materials will include videos, websites, quizzes, tests, and guest presenters.

A 10 point grading scale, similar to the public and private schools systems will be utilized.  A passing grade is 80%.  An end-of-course transcript is available upon request.

Attendance is mandatory and will be recorded on the required DMV Classroom Instruction Attendance Roster (Form DTS 17).

Upcoming Classes: