Adult Behind the Wheel

Individual lessons are offered in 1, 3, 5, 7, and 10 lesson packages to prepare for the Virginia DMV road test administered at the DMV.  These lessons are for 18+ year old students and do not count towards the “Adult 18+ Drivers License” that we offer. The student and instructor together will determine how many lessons are required.  For most students 3 or 5 lessons are typical.

Advantages to the adult student:

  • Build confidence with proper techniques for the DMV road test.
  • Reduce road-test anxiety at the DMV.

The 7 lesson offering also re-certifies students that failed the DMV road test 3 times.  At the end of lesson 7, the student will receive a signed DMV form DTS-C (Recertification Form) which they will present to the DMV and be allowed to retake the DMV road test, at the DMV until they pass.

NOTE: You must have your learners permit prior to beginning lessons.

Scheduling preferences (priorities) are as follows:

  1. Students currently enrolled or previously completed the RVA Driving Academy Driver Education classroom or the RVA Driver Manual Course.
  2. Students that have demonstrated driving experience or many hours of driving practice.
  3. Student’s learners permit has matured (2 months since the issue date).
  4. Students providing 2-3 week advanced notice of behind-the-wheel scheduling needs

Strict adherence to these preferences will occur during peak service periods.


Adult Behind the Wheel 18 and above:

  • Completed classroom course with RVA: $375
  • Did not complete classroom course with RVA: $475

Private Lessons:

  • 1 In-Car Lesson $85
  • 3 In-Car Lessons $255
  • 5 In-Car Lessons $425
  • 7 In-Car Lessons $595
  • 10 In-Car Lessons $700

Please call us at (804) 495-8556 to schedule behind the wheel sessions.