Teen behind the wheel training

DMV IS CURRENTLY REQUIRING seven (7) 50 minute sessions of certified driving instruction and seven (7) 50 minute sessions of certified observationfor teenage drivers <18 years of age.  Please see Adult 18+ Drivers License page for more information for 18+ students.  This course consists of a 7 session schedule to be coordinated between the driving instructor and student.

Before scheduling behind the wheel training, a student should have held his or her learner’s permit for 6 months, completed the classroom course for Driver Education, and have a minimum of 25 hours of driving experience logged in the DMV parent/teen driving log.

Due to the COVID-19 shut down, we are currently scheduling students for behind the wheel training based on their license eligibility date.  Our instructor are working as efficiently as possible to complete behind the wheel training for our students while providing the same quality instruction that RVA Driving Academy is known for.

Course content is defined and recorded by the instructor in the DMV Student In-Car Instruction / Observation Record (Form DTS 14).

A passing grade is 80% successful completion of the DMV Final Road Skills Test Score Sheet (Form CSMA 09)

Completion of this phase also allows the parent to authorize the instructor to issue the DMV Virginia Driver Training Certificate (Form DTS B) .  This form is a Temporary Provisional Drivers License (TDL) valid for 180 days.  The actual permanent drivers license will be issued by the Virginia Juvenile Domestic Court for drivers under the age of 18.  Students turning age 18 during the TDL 180 day period may NO LONGER use this certificate as a Temporary license.  This certificate must be presented to the DMV to be issued a new Adult temporary license.

Behind-the-Wheel driving will generally occur between 7:00am-9:00am and 4:00pm-6:00pm M-F during the school year.  During scheduled school holidays, weekends, and summer break all hours of the day may be utilized.  We also drive on Saturdays and Sundays.  If school is cancelled due to inclement weather, the driving instructor will decide whether driving instruction will occur.  Due to COVID restrictions, we are asking that students meet their instructor at our classroom location for their driving sessions.  This allows the instructor to have time to disinfect the car between drivers.

COVID -19:  Student Drivers and Instructors are required to wear face coverings or masks until the State mandate is lifted.


Teen Behind The Wheel <18 years old:

  • Completed classroom course with RVA: $300
  • Did not complete classroom course with RVA: $390

Private Lessons:

  • 1 In-Car Lesson $80
  • 3 In-Car Lessons $240
  • 5 In-Car Lessons $375
  • 7 In-Car Lessons $455
  • 10 In-Car Lessons $665

Please call us at (804) 495-8556 to schedule behind the wheel sessions.