Adult Driver Classroom

The Virginia DMV now allows adults age 18+ an optional method of achieving a drivers license.  Adults may chose to complete the same requirements as a teen driver age <18.  These requirements are 36 class periods of Driver Education (classroom phase) and 7 (1 hour sessions) of behind-the-wheel instruction.  Each session consists of 1 hour of driving.  During the 7th session we will conduct the DMV road test.  Upon successful completion of both phases and the road test we can immediately issue the DMV course completion form DTS-D (Adult License Waiver).  The student will present this form at any DMV location and be issued a temporary drivers license which is good for 180-days.  The DMV will then mail the permanent drivers license usually in 2-4 weeks.

Advantages to the adult student: 

  1. Waiver of the 60-day learners permit period
  2. Relationship and expectations of instructor lower student anxiety for the Road test
  3. Road test administered by our school
  4. DMV License course completion certificate Issued, student presents to DMV for immediate Temporary Drivers License
  5. Annual Car insurance discount for completion of certified school instruction until age 25

The students that will most likely choose this method of driver licensing will be those that have already completed the Driver Education class, want to avoid the 60-day learners permit period, or want to avoid the anxiety of the DMV.

NOTE: You must have your learners permit prior to beginning the behind-the-wheel phase.

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